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The Spider machine is the latest technology in our range of ILT’s. Patented by Brandenburg UK Ltd., it conforms to the latest international food hygiene standards. Its zero-fragmentation feature means that now we can control flies where it was not possible before. Wherever aesthetic is of order, the ILLUMÉ fly catcher does just the job. With its sleek design and discreet trapping surface, it is the obvious choice. In an attempt to be affordable to all, we also offer the more conventional Pest O Flash Electric Fly Killers which have proved its efficiency down the years.

All of our ILT’s are equipped with UVA tube. At this frequency, fly attraction is at its optimum as shown in various researches.

Alpha Cleaning is the leader in the cleaning business locally and has mastered all known cleaning techniques on all types of surfaces may it be floor surfaces, furniture, walls and window panes. But has anyone thought of cleaning the air we breathe? Well …APM has… We are proud to present the Medixair Air Sterilizer. It takes care of 99.9% of airborne pathogens and allows us to breathe better. Areas of application vary from hospitals, laboratories and food processing and handling plants. However one more application we have discovered locally is in office spaces where many employees share the same office or working hall. During the flu pandemic, it can be useful in cleansing the air and thus in reducing cases of contamination and ultimately in bringing down absenteeism.

PEST-O-FLASH – Electrical Flying insect Catcher. The Conventional electric flying insect-control system which attracts, kills and collects flies and other insects in safe non-toxic, economical and convenient manner. It kills flies continuously without interrupting production, customer traffic or any activity Manufactured by Pest Control (India) Pvt Ltd, India and available in a range of models.

High quality range of thermal fog generators (hot foggers) and ULV aerosol(cold foggers) from Igeba, Germany( Available in a range of models fromportable, handheld units to large vehicle mountedunits for use in crop protection (greenhouses, lantations), vectorcontrol operations (fogging against mosquitoes), animal husbandry (to disinfect stables) etc.

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