Company Profile

Alpha Pest Management was incorporated in 2004, Alpha Pest Management seeks to provide state-of- the-art high quality and professional pest management services to clients from all walks of life ranging from individual, commercial, corporate as well as clients operating in the hospitality industry. We believe in an integrated approach to pest management and also in offering tailor-made programmes to tackle pest issues through the use of carefully selected and well documented strategies derived from the latest technologies. And yes, we can also talk about technology in pest management. After studying the pest, its environment and habits, a judicious mix of both chemical as well as non-chemical steps are followed. During the progress of the treatments, we also come up with recommendations about how to prevent re-infestation. With this kind of approach APM has very quickly established itself as the fastest growing pest management company in Mauritius and also oneof the best and more sought-after pest management service providers on the island.