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As a company at the front line of battling COVID-19, ALPHA PEST MANAGEMENT takes the health and safety of its employees, customers and the community at large very seriously. We are providing a decontamination treatment for properties with any suspected presence of virus infection.

It consists of a misting treatment to the entire property covering each and every nook and corner. The mist remains suspended in the air in the form of very minute droplets and disinfects the treated area. The entire property must be kept closed for a minimum of 4 hours to enable the disinfectant to serve the purpose.

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APM is the first ever company to introduce termite interception and baiting technology in Mauritius known as Exterra. The product was developed in Australia by Ensystex, for which we are the sole authorized dealers in Mauritius.


Our Pest Seal Service is a uniquely designed programme aiming at eliminating pests like cockroaches and ants. It consists of spraying a chemical at wall and floor junctions inside and outside of a building.


There are several reasons why birds like pigeons, mynas and sparrows are considered as pests. Their droppings and nesting deteriorates the aesthetic of our houses and buildings and on top of that they are vectors of diseases.


Alpha Pest Management offers specialized service against bedbugs; the service involves the spot treatment of infested areas such as beds, mattresses and furniture and suggestions to customers on hygiene and sanitation, to prevent re-infestation.


Alpha Pest Management proposes specialized service to tackle the rodent menace at homes, offices, hotels, food processing & handling establishments etc. This includes inspection, baiting, monitoring & ecommendations on proofing and sanitation measures.


Larvae of wood-boring insects such as Powder Post Beetles cause untold damage to furniture and other wooden articles. Infestations are characterized by a yellowish powder or frass, which falls from the funnels excavated by the larvae and shot-holes…


Cholera, typhoid and dysentery are all diseases, among others, caused by flies. Having closely studies the fly in its environment and feeding habits..APM has come up with several method of controlling these insects ranging from high frequency pesticide applications.


The importance of a good mosquito control programme has become more and more obvious in Mauritius during the past 4 to 5 years with the incidence of diseases like Chikungunya, Malaria and Dengue.


Lizards often present an inconvenience to household owners because of their icky appearance, the annoying sounds and stunts. Their waste also leaves an unaesthetic look to the house. Our service has been designed as a preventive measure to stop lizards from entering your premises.

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Alpha Pest Management seeks to provide state-of-the-art high quality and professional pest management services to clients from all walks of life ranging from individual, commercial, corporate as well as clients operating in the hospitality industry. We believe in an integrated approach to pest management and also in offering tailor-made programmes to tackle pest issues through the use of carefully selected and well documented strategies derived from the latest technologies.

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